EU Mission on Cancer: Implementation Plan

The Mission on Cancer launched on 29 September 2021 aims at improving the lives of more than 3 million people by 2030 through prevention, cure and for those affected by cancer including their families, to live longer and better.

The European Commission has launched five new Missions under Horizon Europe, targeting global challenges by 2030.

Missions have a significant importance in the Horizon Europe Framework Program. They are transdisciplinary actions that have a specific deadline and are intended to achieve an ambitious and quantifiable goal, with a major impact on society.

The overall objective of Mission Cancer is to achieve advances in the next decade that will make it possible to save at least 3 million lives in Europe. In general terms, it seeks to extend the life expectancy of cancer patients, achieve a better quality of life (also for survivors and their families), and consolidate mechanisms to prevent or delay the appearance of the disease.

The first Horizon Europe work program for 2021-2022 includes a set of specific actions for each of the five missions during its preparatory phase, which lay the groundwork for implementation and will be updated with a full R&D agenda.

On the 29th of September 2021, the Implementation Plans for each mission were launched. Here you can find the one for the Cancer Mission.


24th November 2021: European Commission’s infoday on the Cancer Mission. Registration required. LINK

22nd November 2021. CDTI and ISCIII informative seminar on the Health Cluster in the context of Horizon Europe. LINK.


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