Hospitals & Health care

R&D with hospitals and their research centers

R&D with hospitals and their research centers

UPM Health Tech maintains a close relationship with the main hospital R&D centers, stimulating the implementation of cutting-edge developments.

We work together with hospitals and entities dedicated to health R&D&I at regional, national and international level, promoting synergies that allow us to take on projects of great scope.

teaming up with Hospitals & health care centers

From joint research groups to specific collaboration agreements, cooperation with the health sector is a fundamental pillar of UPM Health Tech.

Teaming up with Health Research Institutes

Ongoing projects in collaboration with hospitals

Madrid Neurocenter aims to create the first pilot center for the integrated study of neurological disorders in the Community of Madrid. The consortium includes scientific and clinical groups and companies with the aim of improving the care and treatment of patients affected by these pathologies.
BigMedilytics will transform Europe’s healthcare sector. This three-year project aims to enhance patient outcomes and increase productivity in the health sector by applying big data technologies to complex datasets while ensuring security and privacy of personal data.
The main objective of AllerScreening is translating an optical diagnostic technology already proven in which the novel AllerScreening platform is based on, to the clinical routine, addressing a priority healthcare unmet need from the laboratory to the clinic.
The objective of BIOPIELTEC-CM is to bring together leading research groups in the Community of Madrid around one of the most important technological challenges in the field of biomedicine/biotechnology: manufacture of viable and functional tissues and organs, for clinical and industrial application.
HTx will create a framework for next generation Health Technology Assessment (HTA) that supports patient-centred, societally oriented, and real-time decision-making for integrated healthcare throughout Europe. technologies.
The ALIBIRD2020-CM Scientific Program is focused to design and validate products together with precision nutrition strategies aimed at improving the prognosis of cancer patients.
ACGT is a European Union co-funded project aiming at developing open-source, semantic and grid-based technologies in support of post genomic clinical trials in cancer research. It addresses clinicians, bio-researchers as well as software developers' needs.
The NEMESIS-3D-CM project, in collaboration with the Fundación para la investigación biomédica del Hospital universitario 12 de Octubre, combines technological research in hyperspectral image processing, high-performance computing systems and automatic learning techniques with the experience and daily practice of neurosurgeons.
The Plan4Act project will provide new emerging technologies that address “How neural activity, representing high-level cognitive processes of planning and mental simulation of action sequences can be extracted and used to proactively control smart home environments”.
The EU-funded GATEKEEPER project aims to ensure healthier independent lives for the ageing populations. It will connect healthcare providers, businesses, entrepreneurs, elderly citizens and the communities they live in. The goal is to create an open, trust-based arena for matching ideas, technologies, user needs and processes
P4-LUCAT proposes to develop a technological solution to support oncologists in the selection of the most appropriate lung cancer treatment.
The EU-funded CLARIFY will collect data about survivors from breast, lung and lymphoma cancer (the most prevalent types) from hospitals in Spain. The data will be analysed to predict patient-specific risk of developing secondary effects and toxicities from their cancer treatments.


Hospitals & Health Care collaboration

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